Dual Parish Deaconess Intern

Christina "Chrissie" Gillet joins St. John Lutheran Church and St. Paul Lutheran Church as their dual parish Deaconess Intern with St. Paul Lutheran Church in the fall of 2016.  Chrissie will be working with both congregations and the Dieterich, Montrose, Effingham and surrounding communities to spread God's word and be of service to those who need prayers or counseling.  Chrissie has her Doctorate in Psychology and has worked in the Air Force for many years.  People may see Chrissie, along with her therapy dog Phoebe, in area nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and more.  Chrissie says "therapy dogs help people feel more comfortable and assist in the healing process."  Phoebe is training to be part of the small highly-trained therapy dogs group called the Lutheran Paw Print Ministries.  
Chrissie is trained in disaster response, so she can visit areas hit by disaster after the event and support their emotional and spiritual needs.  If you are in need of prayers or would just like to learn more, please contact Chrissie at stephnchrissie@gmail.com or (859) 229-(5408).

Chrissie Gillet’s Bio 
When asked where she’s from, Chrissie describes herself as an “Eastern Mutt.”  She was born in upstate New York but equally claims the great state of Texas where she grew up.  Yet, neither state is ‘Home.’  She reserves that title for the place she awaits to return with Christ; her Heavenly Home.  She was baptized in her late 20’s and truly recognizes “her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much” (Luke 7:47).
Loving the rural life with her boots and blue jeans, Chrissie is a country-girl at heart.  Down-to-earth and modest, she prefers genuine conversation on a first name basis over haughty titles related to her education or vocation.  Chrissie recently married her best friend, Steph who is a Lutheran pastor.  They enjoy working side by side in the ministry as a husband-wife and pastor-deaconess team.  Together they have seven children, but only the youngest still resides at home along with their Labradoodle in therapy dog training.
Chrissie earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Spalding University and completed her psychology residency as an officer in the United States Air Force.  She served four years active duty and continues in the Inactive Reserve.  God blessed her with a range of counseling experiences that include working in a domestic violence shelter, suicide crisis hotline, military mental health clinic, and Christian counseling agency.  She is presently in the Distance Deaconess Program at Concordia Theological Seminary and serves as the Deaconess Intern at her husband’s dual parish.  In April of 2017, she humbly accepted the position as National Director at Word of Hope, an affiliate of Lutherans for Life. 
Chrissie values a Christ-centered lifestyle of serving others on behalf of our Lord.  She dedicates time to family activities like game night, gardening, and gathering around the fire pit.  For her church family she hosts meals, oversees the Telecare ministry, crochets newborn baby blankets, and visits those who are hospitalized or shut-in.  She serves the community as Ruritan secretary and she presents on a range of topics at conferences.  She also enjoys painting, exercising, and making natural health products.  To know Chrissie, is to know she is your sister in Christ who is praying for you.